Sparkling & Style Blog started in April 2020 – an idea that was born during the COVID 19 lockdown in the backyard during some digital girls’ Sunday afternoons with lots of “Crémant rose” or whatever is sparkling. With something “sparkling in hand” sometimes the best ideas come about and hence the name of this blog. Cheers!

After sleeping on it for a few more days (or was it weeks?!) I sat down and sketched out the first draft.

I thought it was important to publish content to inspire and motivate others, as society is facing many challenges and losses of freedom due to this pandemic. When the travel bans were imposed, my personal lifestyle, which involved a lot of travelling, was brought to a halt. Being stuck at home, I had more time for myself and wanted to inspire people. On my blog, I share my travel experiences before and during the pandemic and give an insight into how I cope during these times.

A lot of time to think, to be inspired, to create new ideas, time to relax and partly – you have to be honest – boredom then made this blog complete.

Sparkling & Style writes, photographs and posts about fashion, lifestyle, travel, sport & workout, food & wine and of course style – although at the moment the focus is more on travel, especially Italy. Of course, there’s a reason for that: I love Italy, the country and the people, and if I ever emigrate, my favourite destinations would be Lake Garda, the Amalfi Coast or the island of Capri!

And now you surely want to know what possibly distinguishes this blog from others: my life motto is very much reflected here! Not taking yourself too seriously, being able to laugh at yourself and always with a little wit and charm. You can follow that both on this blog here or on Instagram. And everything I post always has a touch of my personal life.

As a fashionista, travel & lifestyle blogger with a diverse background in communication, marketing, social media, website creation and events, I am also happy to support you with your projects. The world of lifestyle, fashion, beverage & food is exactly the terrain in which I feel at home. I approach every project with a lot of creativity, passion and motivation. Let’s talk about it!

You can find out more about my consulting services under Sparkling & Style > Consulting!